The House of Indie

(2015 – 2017)

In 2015, the non-profit organisation The House of Indie asked me to reinforce them in organising Global Game Jam Antwerp 2016.

The House of Indie vzw was a non-profit who organises events with the mission to:

  • Bring local indie game developers together.
  • Break the stigma around games for the general public
  • Highlight the artistic side of videogames.

After GGJ2016, I also helped out by managing the volunteer activities at International Indie Game art festival Screenshake 2016. And then I started helping out with organising the monthly Indie Game Salons.

In Screenshake 2017 I took a bigger organisatory role, where I was responsible for the website, branding, print and merchandise.

In November 2017 The House of Indie stopped because of reasons. I decided to continue some of the activities on my own: I am still continuing the Global Game Jam Antwerp, and kept organising the monthly Indie Game Salons until April 2018.