Multimedia Technology

(2014 - 2018)

The Professional Bachelor Multimedia Technology is a very broad program which combines web technology, Audio-Visual production, Graphic Design, 3D graphics, Electronics with a broad set of soft skills like marketing, project management and commercial communication.

In short: too much to dive deep.

I decided from the start to spread the 3-year bachelor over 4 years. This gave me the time to allow me to start a bunch of my own projects, not related to any school assignments. During this time I dug deep into game development, and getting to know the game industry by organising events, while schoolwork inspired me with a broad variety of skills and perspectives from other fields.

In my 3rd year, I also enrolled in an optional Minor "Creative Technology & Entrepreneurship" which was a very project-oriented half year studies with masterclasses like "Trend Watching", "Online Marketing" and "Media Psychology".

I did 2 internships, instead of the usual 1 (Because I had the time to do so)

I graduated with great honor, with an average weighted grade of 15.58/20 (Belgian rating system)